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About Me


Emotion Coach

BA Psychology 

Minor in Family and Child Relations

Somatic Integration Certified

My name is Laura(she/her) and I am a mother of two, a wife, and a lover of emotional intelligence.  


I battled hour-long tantrums with my first born weekly, if not more, when she was a toddler, and I questioned myself and my parenting skills daily.  I came to realize that I didn't know how to manage my own emotions, let alone help my daughter manage hers, and I didn't care for myself properly because I was always caring for others.  I also didn't know myself - my true self.  Who was I and what were my interests?


My journey led me to find who I really am, and to learn everything I can about emotional intelligence, our body-mind connection, and how we are connected to Source energy so that I can thrive and raise healthy children.  And my passion is bringing others into the awareness that YOU are important, too.  Each and every one of you. 


 In order to raise, teach, and care for emotionally intelligent children, we need to start with caring for our own selves.  I'd love chat with you about anything you're going through right now.  Click the button below to book a Free 15 Minute Discovery Call with me today!

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