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Welcome Beautiful Soul!


You've entered a space for Personal and Spiritual Growth

This growth happens through the Quantum Field in Energy Healing Sessions, Light Activations,  and in Online Programs to expand your consciousness.

Pink Notebook

About Laura

Our highest need is self-fulfillment, and in order to get there,

we need to make sure all of our needs are met. I start with

the basics: how to feel safe and secure with ourselves, and

how to connect with ourselves and others in a meaningful

way. Our own unique individual needs - sensory and

otherwise - are learned here as well.  From this

I made the course FLOURISH!


We can then transfer this

knowledge to teach our kids and others these same skills!

My focus is on emotional intelligence, which integrates

self-awareness and self-regulation skills into our daily lives

to become the best version of ourselves. In modelling this

behaviour to our children, and teaching them these skills

at the same time, we set them up for success, and to

reach the ultimate goal of self-fulfillment in their lives!

Other adults in our lives see these new skills as we continue

to Flourish, and start asking questions, too!

We create a beautiful ripple effect of awareness and intention

through this personal and emotional growth.

For those of you wanting to dive deeper into the emotional and spiritual healing journey,

I offer individual Healing Sessions where we find the root of your

current struggle and release the heavy energetic charge it is holding inside of you.

Our own personal ascension only occurs when we peel back the layers

society has caked onto us, and we lean into our authentic selves, 

the selves we truly are and came to Earth to remember.

Read the testimonials below to see how this process lands in current

and past clients and get my Free Self-Regulation Handout

to set you up for success in your relationships.

Client Talk

Pink Blossom

Let me be clear on this…. I have
been in active therapy since I was
15 years old (20 years ). I have
never had this much progress in a
single session. Your healing ability
goes beyond anything I could have
ever imagined Laura. Thank you


Bouquet of Flowers

I think it's incredibly
important for you to know how
much our session has changed my
life! Food is no longer looked at as a
negative or a positive in my life. It's
equivalent to sleep..... Sometimes
it's good, sometimes it's bad,
sometimes it's a lot, sometimes it's
not. Food has no other meaning to
me other than it's needed to
survive. I cannot believe the switch
that went off in my brain.
After our session, I sat with my
thoughts for probably a good 2
hours and it was the best thinking/
acknowledging "session" I've ever
had with myself. And it had the
most positive outcome.
So from the bottom of my heart,
thank you for doing what you do
and sharing your passion with
others who genuinely benefit from
having people like you in our


Yellow and Pink Flower Bouquet

“If you have the opportunity to learn with Laura, take it! She is a wealth of knowledge and relays information in an fun and relatable way. After taking her course I find that I am much more aware of and in tune with my own emotions and helping children in my life navigate through theirs is far less stressful than it used to be.“

- Candace


Laura Grant
Collingwood, Ontario


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